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Karl Gee

 Karl epitomizes a consummate professional, wielding an expansive expertise in project development, notably within the energy sector, where he has amassed an impressive track record spanning over four decades across a spectrum of intricate and elevated roles. Commencing his early career in the realms of technology advancement and executive leadership, Karl executed a seamless pivot into the domain of project development, culminating in his emergence as a recognized authority in project intricacies and financial structuring.

A pivotal architect in forging synergistic connections between Kamaka and other eminent project developers, including the collaborative endeavor with Open Origin, Karl's strategic acumen has been instrumental in shaping the organization's collaborative landscape. Moreover, Karl spearheaded the transformation of Kamaka's operational landscape, propelling it from singular project sites to a dynamic multi-dimensional ecosystem rooted in the principles of the circular economy, all within the framework of an Eco-Industrial Park paradigm.


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