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John DeWees

With a  distinguished professional journey extending across three decades, John ('JohnnyD') has held diverse roles as a founder, partner, director, lead investor, and strategic advisor within both startup ventures and established enterprises, showcasing his multifaceted expertise in the corporate realm. 

Before becoming a part of Kamaka, John's career trajectory encompassed impactful positions in critical sectors such as cybersecurity, software development, capital solutions including investment banking and mergers & acquisitions, health, a well as hotel services and hospitality. Notably, John assumed a pivotal responsibility in the convergence of Kamaka and Open Origin, culminating in the establishment of the collaborative entity 'Open Origin-Kamaka'.


Since his integration into the Kamaka team, John's instrumental contributions have been instrumental in driving forward initiatives within the renewable energy and biofuels domains. He has adeptly fostered robust affiliations with third-party project stakeholders and technology developers, underscoring his role as a key architect of Kamaka's advancement.

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