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Vladimir Matichenkov

Dr. Matichenkov is a highly distinguished Emeritus Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences. His tenure spanned more than three decades at the Institute of Basic Biological Problems, where during his role as a Senior Scientific Officer, the Academy bore witness to the cultivation of avant-garde and pioneering solutions within the domains of soil and plant science, environmental sustainability,  and biological science.

Vladimir's prolific career, demonstrated in part with over 130 peer reviewed and published articles, has transcended geographical boundaries, encompassing collaborations with private enterprises, research institutions, and universities across Africa, Europe, the United States, the Middle East, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. His three-year tenure as a Visiting Professor at the Hunan Agricultural University in China merited the prestigious accolade of "The People's Republic of China Friendship Award" – the highest distinction accorded to foreign experts who have significantly advanced economic and societal progress through their exceptional contributions.

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