Pairing the traditions of yesterday with the advancements of today to provide commercial and highly profitable solutions to social deprivation and inequities.


According to the New Zealand Deprivation Index, Maori experience some of the worst levels of deprivation in the  country. No matter where they are born or reside in NZ, a greater number of Maori experience Decile 9 & 10  levels of deprivation than any other ethnic group. 

Kamaka Ltd has been established to implement commercial, economic and educational programs that can  address the key issues of deprivation in Aotearoa-New Zealand. The programs are hugely disruptive, and will address deprivation in a completely unique and transformative way.

Kamaka Ltd is able to establish large-scale commercial projects that can provide employment, education, and other socio-economic solutions that will directly address societal deprivation. Although the vision of Kamaka Ltd is founded on Maori deprivation it extends to all the people of New Zealand and the opportunities and programs offered by Kamaka will be made available to everyone regardless of ethnicity.  

Kamaka will be leveraging its national and international networks to make strong investments, raise capital, and establish large scale infrastructure and commercial projects throughout the country. 



Kamaka thinks big, has big plans and a big vision. It also has a capability that is big enough to match its thinking, achieve its plan and follow its vision. Kamaka has a capability that is innovative, transformative and disruptive. Combined with its international partners, Kamaka's capability expands even further and becomes revolutionary. 

One of Kamaka's most significant international partners and supporters is a New York based specialty financier - Lance Capital. In addition to providing its full array of innovative finance solutions, Lance  has introduced "best of breed" technologies and solutions from its developer network which have been added to Kamaka's project portfolio. Lance is able to provide funding of up to $3,000,000,000 (Three Billion) to implement the first stage of commercial projects. Kamaka's international partners include:

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