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Our Vision Embraces Large-Scale Industrial Projects that Provide Shared Prosperity and Environmental Transformation.

Fueling our vision are cutting-edge technologies that redefine innovation

We Believe in the power of sharing knowledge and capability.

Beyond the boundaries of business, we are a collective force that believes in the power of sharing knowledge and capability. Kamaka's team of experts is driven by a mission to empower indigenous groups, entrepreneurs, and like-minded companies. Together, we build bridges that lead to a shared vision of prosperity and environmental stewardship.

Next-Gen Technology

Fueling our vision are cutting-edge technologies that redefine innovation, not merely for the sake of progress, but to harmonize humanity's endeavors with the delicate balance of our environment.


With a world-view that celebrates the planet and our irrevocable connection with the environment, we sustainability,  eco-friendly practices and responsible resource management.

Shared Opportunity

We believe in the transformative potential of shared knowledge and opportunity for all people and our planet. We work with fellow Māori, indigenous groups globally,  and other like-minded organizations.  

What sets us apart

Global Networks

Unparalleled networks providing access to cutting-edge advancements from global leaders, enhanced by our technical mastery and extensive experience in sustainable projects.


The strength inherent in teams of    experts that work seamlessly across multiple fields. Optimizing technology, construction, financing and operations with holistic insights and problem-solving capabilities.


Customising projects to address distinct and individual requirements. Designing and providing  bespoke solutions and systems to overcome specific and unique challenges to deliver the desired outcomes.

About Us

Kamaka Ltd goes beyond the ordinary, creating a profound impact on our world through large-scale industrial projects. With cutting-edge technologies, we harmonize innovation with circular economies and environmental health to forge a new path for a sustainable future.


We empower indigenous groups and entrepreneurs, building bridges for shared prosperity and environmental stewardship. Join us in this extraordinary journey of innovation and compassion, leaving a legacy for generations to come.


"Ki runga i tenei Kamaka, ka hanga matau i a matau apopo."

"Upon this Rock, we will build our future."


"Kamaka" - rock, foundation stone.



New Zealand Office:
Level 9, 6 Lorne Street
Auckland CBD 1010

US Office:
200 W 2nd Street

Reno, Nevada 89501

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